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The definition of a society is “a highly structured system of human organization for large-scale community living that normally furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a national identity for its members.”

As citizens of a society, we agree to abide by laws (to avoid punishment) but we also agree to behaving in a manner that conforms even outside of the legal system. We greet each other when we meet, we shake hands, we ask how each other are, we ask about each other’s families, we help each other in times of need, we wear shoes and shirts in public places, we agree to business hours and business conduct, we stand in line for our turns, we make appointments, we don’t yell, “fire!” in a theater, or “bomb!” in an airport, we agree to a monetary system, a food system, a healthcare system and all the other infrastructure that we rely on to survive. This is all part of being in a community, a society. As a rule, humans are averse to change, and frankly this year we have had change galore shoved down our throats, so I can see why there is more pushback to some things at this point. It turns out that after months of feeling like our American freedoms have been squelched, masks are the primary pushback, one thing we think we should actually be able to control.

I believe it’s important to remember that being an American has always been an agreement that we work together for the greater good. Sacrifices are made for the community. COVID-19 IS the common enemy that we should be coming together to protect ourselves and each other against. Yet we are failing miserably at it (it’s the numbers, like it or not) BECAUSE as a society we are not all agreeing on a common enemy or a common path to success. And this is entirely because no one has taken the lead to rally the American people to work together to fight this. America is currently, and we in these posts are blatant examples of what a lack of true leadership looks like.

So there are people who, after the past 4 months of watching the entire globe come to a screeching halt, and over half a million dead contributed to this virus, STILL do not believe that this pandemic is a threat. A threat that literally requires our entire population to be willing to work together to eradicate. It IS like a war! But instead of coming together we have doubled-down on our differences and pointing fingers at each other, making enemies of anyone who doesn't think the same way we think, and not even trying to find common ground. We seek out and grasp any source that agrees with our way of thinking and use it as proof that we are right, and those who don't see it our way are wrong. We are not Americans anymore, but "Rethuglicons" and "Demonrats" and our "leaders" have forgotten how to negotiate and compromise and work together to actually LEAD the country through the worst trauma in my lifetime. So we are left to our own devices and opinions and conspiracies and frustrations and challenges and from what I am seeing, we have basically devolved into survival mode, everyone for themselves without even an attempt at a consolidated national identity.

Well. it's time to stop expecting someone else to take the lead. It's time for each of us to adult up and look at the part we are playing. The only place we have to start is in the mirror. When Americans once again decide to treat each other the way we want to be treated, to take the high road when someone behaves against society’s agreements, leading by example instead of insult, THAT is when we know we are moving towards true positive change for the betterment of society as a whole. We move mountains with a single pebble. And it is TIME.

Happy Birthday, America.

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