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     My name is Ellen Williamson and I am a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and Owner of White Cosmos Wellness Consulting. I spent a 34-year career in IT Operations and Customer Support leadership in high-tech firms, and throughout that time, I also studied nutrition and wellness as my life long passion. I have been blessed with the opportunity to retire early and immediately attended an 18-month certification program from Bauman College in order to follow my dream of helping people with nutrition and wellness. 

     Unlike a Google search, I work with each client's unique situation from a Holistic perspective, which means looking at the whole body in an integrated fashion; physical, mental, and emotional.  Western medicine has a habit of breaking people into piece-parts, and addressing symptoms with medication more than identifying and addressing root cause. This can be very helpful for acute problems such as broken bones and infections, but for chronic conditions, especially those for which medication is prescribed long-term, a more holistic approach regarding nutrition and lifestyle become much more important. 

     I hope you enjoy perusing my web site, and I would be happy to discuss your personal situation with you with a complimentary, no-obligation 20-minute introduction by phone. 

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